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MS 70 (Mint State 70 ) FDC 70
Perfect coin with no visible defects , even with a x10 magnifying glass. The frost is perfect even at the highest spots, the quality of the die and the striking is optimal.

MS 65 (Mint State 65) FDC 65
Coin strictly in mint condition but tiny dents due to handling in the mint or in the bank are visible with a x10 magnifying glass. The frost is intact, even on the highest spots, the quality of the die and of the striking may be less than 100% perfect.

MS 63 (Mint State 63) SPL 63
Coin in its mint condition, without the slightest trace of wear, but with very small dents visible to the naked eye. The frost is almost intact except on the highest spots where it may be missing due to manipulation in the mint or in the bank. The quality of the die and of the striking may be only average.

AU (About Uncirculated ) SUP 58
The coinage bears hardly any traces of circulation, but there may appear a very slight trace of wear on the highest spots. Very small dents due to manipulation are visible but most of the frost is still present.

AU 55 (About Uncirculated 55) SUP 55
The coinage presents a very very faint trace of wear on the highest spots, slight traces of dents are possible and the frost is still present in protected places, especially between the letters of the legend.

AU 50 (About Uncirculated 50) TTB 50
The coinage presents slight wear on the highest points, slight traces of dents and as a general rule is very pleasant to look at.

EF 45 (Extra Fine 45) TTB 45
The wear due to circulation is clearly visible. The coinage does however have a pleasant aspect.

EF 40 (Extra Fine 40) TTB 40
The wear is visible, not only on the most raised surfaces but signs of wear appear in more highly protected places. The coin is still pleasant to look at.

VF30 (Very Fine 30) TB 30
The wear is immediately visible but the flattened areas caused by this do not completely efface the affected areas such as the hair, the crown of laurel or the ear. The more protected parts show wear.

VF 20 (Very Fine 20) TTB 20
The coinage is really worn and the flattened areas caused by wear may obliterate completely the details of the most raised parts and the more protected parts are clearly affected.

F15 (Fine 15) TB 15
The coinage shows wear due to long circulation but presents the whole picture of the coin, except on the highest spots which are completely flat. The rim is clearly diminished.

VG 10 (Very Good 10) B 10
Very worn coinage which was in circulation a very long time. The coin is perfectly identifiable with regards to all the important details : date, mint, engraver's signs. There remains the outline of the principal figure even if everything is not visible.

G 6 (Good 6) B6
Extremely worn coin but there still remains some detail of the engraving over and above the inscription(which may not be complete) , the outline of the principal figure and its most important parts.

AG 3 (About Good 3) AB3
The type, the year and the mint of the coin are identifiable, the figure is almost reduced simply to a silhouette.

M1 (Mediocre 1) M1
The type of the coin is identifiable but neither the year nor the date are visible.

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