Sale is made in French Francs, 1 FRF is 13.8 cents and 1$ is 7.23 FRF at time of writing.

GRADES : Sheldon scale is used with French abbreviations. All the coins of the sale are MS (lowest coin is a 61). French use SUP (Superb) from 55 to 62, SPL (Splendid) for 63 and 64, FDC (Fleur de Coin) for 65 and up. See :

PHOTOGRAPHS have been made at best but cannot give a perfect idea of how the coins look. Although we are authorised dealers to submit coins to PCGS and NGC, we cannot be certain the grades of these services will match exactly ours. As our grading is conservative, they should (or grades could be better) but differences might exist. Should a coin reach a better grade, we would consider this new grade as accurate, should the coin reach a lower grade, we would stand by our grade and would offer again the coin for sale in a coming sale with the same grade we gave in the Alain Davis Collection.

Most coins have been photographed twice :
one(digital) is on the net in the MONNAIES X section,
the other one (analogic) is at the Collection Idéale at .

For obvious reasons, we cannot translate the whole catalog. You can use automatic translators on the Net and check hereunder the basic technical vocabulary internet translators do not master.

Basic vocabulary :
Amincissement : thinning
Avers : obverse
Bleu : blue
Cassure de coin : die break
Champ : field
Choc : nick
Droit : obverse
Égratignure : very superficial surface scratch
Faciale : face value
Ferme : strong
Flan : planchet
Flan miroir : mirror-like planchet
Frappe : strike
Frappe d'épreuve : proof or trial strike
Gravure : engraving
Gris : grey
Joli : nice
Légende : text on the coin
Loupe : magnifying glass
Lustre : luster
Mat (matte) : non mirror-like surface
Patine : patina
Polissage du coin : die polishing
Rayure : scratch
Relief (s) : raised parts
Revers : reverse
Traces de cheveux : hairlines
Tranche : rim
Velours : frost

For any further information regarding the condition of the coins of this collection, you can contact William P. Paul, American Heritage Minting, who has seen all the collection in detail at "Paul, William P." <>

" For any information regarding this collection or a specific coin, inquiries wellcomed at ".